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About Cloud Power Capital (CPC)

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Cloud Power Capital (DBA IMI, LLC) is a Texas based investment firm investing in tech startups and online busineses.

We have been building websites and online businesses for the past 18 years. Our websites are viewed by millions of people across the world every year. Our portfolio includes more than a hundred revenue generating websites and blogs in a wide range of industries. The primary source of revenue in our portfolio is Contextual Advertising and Affiliate Marketing but we also have eCommerce and SaaS properties.

Our company is registered in Texas, USA and our main office is located in Austin, TX. We also have an offshore office with a team of 50+ designers, developers and internet marketers.

Through our years of experience building and growing profitable online businesses, we've built systems around buying and managing websites and other digital assets with the primary purpose of long term growth. Our team identifies high quality websites and using our decades of combined experience completes the preliminary due diligence process before making contact with the current owner. Over the past decade, we have acquired more than 100 websites ranging from $5000 to $500,000 and have built long lasting relationships with the sellers by offering them the best value for their asset and a quick hassle free closing process.

We have also helped others sell over $30 million worth of online businesses and continue to grow. We have worked with sellers across the globe and have fine-tuned our process and team to ensure you have a safe, secure and fast selling experience. 

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Our Team

Victor H.

Victor started his career in a multi-national IT company after graduating completing his education. After gaining several years of experience working in the corporate world, Victor started his own consulting practice in Singapore. In 2014 Victor invested in CPC and became a partner in the firm. Victor is responsible for all financial matters of Cloud Power Capital. Victor introduced the idea of acquiring revenue generating assets instead of building new websites from scratch as our new growth strategy.

Jerry U.

Jerry got his start in online marketing while studying in high school. Since then, Jerry has created more than 50 websites including content based informational websites, eCommerce websites and SaaS websites. Jerry has made a living off of internet since 2005 which has allowed him the freedom of location. Jerry is a digital nomad and spends most of his time globe trotting in Asia and South America. He has years of experience in a wide range of online marketing techniques including SEO, PPC, Email Marketing and Social Media. Jerry manages the marketing and product management of CPC's portfolio with the help of his offshore team.

Sehrish B.
VP of Technology

Sehrish is VP of technology at CPC. She serves as a technical team lead and project manager, reporting directly to managing partner. Prior to joining Cloud Power Capital, Sehrish worked as a senior PHP developer for several mid-level and early stage companies. Her diverse experience and leadership skills allows CPC to invest in a wide range of projects. Sehrish earned Masters degree in Information Technology from Quaid-I-Azam University in Isalamabad.

Salma H.
DevOps Engineer

Salma is our lead engineer. Prior to joining Cloud Power Capital, Salma worked as a senior software engineer for an IT outsourcing firm in Islamabad. Salma holds a BS and MS in software engineering from Comsats Institute of Information Technology.

Jennifer A.
Director of Operations

Jennifer is director of operations. She also leads the customer support team and is responsible for ensuring 100% customer satisfaction for each project. She is a resident of Nicaragua and graduate of National Autonomous University of Nicaragua.

Jessie L.
Director of Marketing

Jessie is responsible for marketing and sales. He leads a remote team of digital marketing experts and works with hundreds of freelancers and service providers all over the globe. Prior to joining Cloud Power Capital, Jessie worked as director of sales and marketing at various call centers and BPO firms in Manila.