Common questions

  • Once you purchase a website, what do you do with it?

    When we buy a website, we do so with one goal in mind: helping it to become more profitable. We are a forward-thinking company with a positive mission, so we NEVER make a purchase with an eye to closing a site or shutting down a competitor. Instead, we work on providing meaningful improvement.

    We believe that through a combination of careful analysis, informed decisions, and strategic investment, we can bring real additional value to a website’s visitors as well as improve revenue. We have a successful record of forming strategic partnerships that have benefitted all stakeholders. To that end, we’re constantly on the lookout for sites that we believe have untapped potential.

  • Can I retain an interest or involvement in my site?

    As entrepreneurs dedicated to website improvement, we know the emotional investment that your creation represents. We frequently encounter site creators and owners want to continue their involvement, or who feel that they have unfinished business from which they’re unwilling to walk away. If your website is your baby and you’re not ready to let go, then we’re eager to discuss another option that can provide a positive opportunity.

    By forming a partnership with our organization, you can continue following your passion while we provide expertise in other areas where you may not have the resources you need. This may involve development, online marketing, design, content, or any of the diverse internet marketing areas in which we have a technological and experiential advantage.

    By combining your dream with our extensive resources, our partnership will make your website more popular and more profitable, providing a benefit to you, to us, and to your site’s visitors.

  • What Kind of Offer Will You Make for my Site?

    Every website is different and has its own intrinsic value, but from a financial standpoint we make our determination based on net monthly profit. Our formula calculation starts with the last several months’ average net profit, then multiplies that by a factor between 20 and 40 – and sometimes more. The specific factor or number of months used in the average may also be determined based on essential variables, including how long the site has been operational or profitable or whether the site is seasonal. Where a website is part of a business that has its own assets, that is also taken into consideration, with the discounted or wholesale value of those assets added to the calculation.

    Because every situation is unique and every site’s value is based on more than just its revenues, this information is provided as a starting point. There are many other things that we give weight to, including:

    Stability of earnings
    Monetization type
    Traffic to the site
    Source of traffic
    Site age
    Site potential
    If you would like to receive an estimate on the offer your site would bring, simply contact us and provide us with the site’s average monthly revenue and costs, as well as the average number of unique visitors and page views your site experiences in a month’s time.

  • Is the Offer You Make Negotiable?

    Of course! We are always open to learning more about sites that we are considering purchasing, and nobody knows more about the unique factors and benefits of your website than you do. After we’ve made an offer based on the information we have at hand, you are welcome to make a counter offer and explain what we may not have considered during our calculation process. As is always the case in these types of discussions, you are free to refuse the final offer that we make and continue as you have been.

  • How Flexible Are You When Discussing Complex Situations?

    We have been in business for a long time, and understand the need for creativity in circumstances that are out of the ordinary. It is always our goal to find a compromise that will work for all parties involved and provide the greatest value to a website’s visitors. Feel free to contact us and explain your special circumstances and we will see what we can do.

  • I need to know more!

    There’s no such thing as a question we can’t answer – but there are limits to the information we can provide on an FAQ page! If you have a specific question or would like to discuss your individual website or circumstances, don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to working with you to find the answers you need.

  • I’m very interested in earning passive income from a website, but I have no idea how to start and no time to invest in learning about optimization or anything technical. Can you help?

    Yes, we plan to offer two different options specifically for investors like you. You can select from among the many high-potential websites that we are working on perfecting and provide a loan to Cloud Power Capital. Your loan will be secured by the domain name and other collateral as assets and will earn a guaranteed interest rate over a five-to-ten-year period, after which your money will be returned. It’s a hassle free, risk free way to get your feet wet that pays far better than other low-risk assets. The other option is for those who want more involvement but need some help along the way. We will work with you to find a high potential website that is within your budget and in your area of interest, help you negotiate your purchase and guide you through the improvements that need to be made. You play an active role in the website’s evolution, pay Cloud Power Capital a management fee, and then take over the site when it’s ready. For more information, check out our Investors Page

  • I already know a fair amount about websites, but don’t want to make the improvements myself. Can I purchase an already-improved site from you?

    Yes, once every quarter we alert those on our buyers’ list to websites that are ready for market and available for purchase. These are sites that we have identified as underperforming, purchased, and perfected to the point where they are already earning a steady stream of passive income and require very little involvement. Our sites are in high demand, and are usually purchased in a matter of days after they’ve been released. If you would like more information or to add your contact information to our investors mailing list, click here.

  • What are your fees for your brokerage service or for doing due diligence?

    We are not brokers and we do not charge a fee to those who sell us their websites or who purchase websites from us. We have built our business by identifying high-potential websites that we believe are underperforming, then improving them and selling them to interested investors. We perform our own due diligence, but do not provide that service to others. We have received many requests over the years from owners of websites that we are not interested in purchasing, asking us to represent them and seek buyers on their behalf. Though we do not plan to get involved in this activity ourselves, we are currently in discussions with companies that do offer these services, and if we make a decision to partner with a broker or brokerage firm we will add that information to our website.