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Investing in a Website

Interested in Buying or Investing in a Website?

Some people think of the internet as nothing but a virtual playground and encyclopedia – a place filled with websites there to provide information, education, and entertainment. But smart investors recognize that the world wide web provides very real opportunities for income beyond those reaped by e-commerce sites. We’re talking about passive income.

Passive income is money that rolls in with little or no effort from you. When it comes to making money through a website, the secret lies with knowing what is needed to generate revenue, then making sure that those elements are firmly in place in a way that keeps visitors coming back for more.

At Cloud Power Capital, we have that expertise. We use our ability to spot websites that are underperforming their potential, then leverage our technical experience in marketing, ad placement, and affiliate networks to improve them to the point where they are passive income generating engines. We have 18 years of experience building websites and online businesses that require little or no oversite, and we sell those sites to smart investors who want to be part of this tremendous income opportunity. The high level of interest and growing demand for this service has led to us offering three different investment and purchase opportunities:

The Finished Product Investment:

This is for the investor with some knowledge of online marketing who would like to purchase high quality websites that Cloud Power Capital has already polished and improved into an income-generating success. These are properties that we have identified, researched, purchased, and invested intensive time and effort into over a one-to-two-year period. We optimize all aspects of each site, paying special attention to creating a marketing strategy designed to require little time or management while generating passive income. Once we are certain that the site is ready, we make it available via a quarterly offering to those who have expressed interest in adding this type of asset to their investment portfolio.
There is a high demand for these properties, with most selling within days of notification of availability. If you would like to add your contact information to be notified when these opportunities arise, enter your email address below to join our buyers list.

Investing Through A Secured Loan

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For investors who would like a passive investment asset in their portfolio but who have no experience or interest in managing a website, we plan to offer the opportunity to invest in high-potential websites via a secured loan. This simple, straightforward program will offer the opportunity to select and approve the website that their loan will purchase, and that site and its domain name will be offered as secured collateral in exchange for a two-to-five year loan. Each loan is guaranteed and will provide a contracted return of between 8% and 14%. It’s a low risk, hassle-free way to earn guaranteed income, with no responsibility for the results. Interest will be disbursed on a monthly basis and at the end of the loan term, all funds will be returned in full as per the terms of the agreement.

The Managed Investment

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This option is for investors who are interested in a more hands-on role with greater exposure. It is most appropriate for those who are comfortable with a higher risk and who are looking for a higher potential for reward. The investor will provide all information regarding their budget and the type of site that fits their interests. Cloud Power Capital will search for opportunities that align with their needs, provide all due diligence and then participate in outreach, negotiations, the purchase process, and the transition. We provide all resources, while the investor is free to play as active a role as they wish. All ownership rests with the investor: Cloud Power Capital simply provides the professional expertise and experience in exchange for a reasonable management fee. At the end of the process, the investor will have been involved from start to finish in the acquisition and improvements of their passive income-generating asset. We will also help the investor plan and execute their exit strategy.

At Cloud Power Capital, we understand the value of having passive income investments as part of your portfolio, and we specialize in providing wealth-building assets to our investors that return reliable profits month after month, year after year. We pride ourselves on our ability to recognize the diamonds in the rough and to turn them into income-generating engines. If you would like more information of these investment opportunities, we look forward to hearing from you.

Note: The investment opportunities that Cloud Power Capitals are intended for those who have available savings and who are actively looking for investments. They have the advantage of not relying upon the rise and fall of the stock market, but these investments are not appropriate for those who are going to borrow in order to participate. All investments carry risk, and past performance is no guarantee of future performance. We are happy to provide all available information regarding prior revenue streams, traffic information on specific projects, and testimonials from previous and existing clients. The success of our product is based entirely on our knowledge and experience.